Download Free Sample Scans

All human 3D head model scans are free to use for both personal and commercial work. We only require to give us credit whenever they are used in your case.
You can find links to the 3D scan packages below.


Yes, we do. We offer various discounts depending on the database size. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Both scans capture a person from head to toe; however, in a Full-body scan, the model is in swimwear and A-pose, while in ArchViz scans, the model is with seasonal clothing ( Winter, Summer, Autumn etc. ) and is  in various poses( A-pose, Walking, Sitting, Running, etc. )

Structured data is organized into a repository, like a database, so its categories can be explored for more effective processing and analysis.
Our structured data of human scans come with a categorization of Gender, Age, Height, Weight, BMI, Ethnicity, Sub-Ethnicity, Pose, Clothing type and Clothing colours.

All of our scans are captured in a state of the art full-body scanning rig that was custom built for the highest quality and speed. All full-body scans have 16k diffuse texture, and facial scans have 8k texture. This results in a sub-millimetre level of texture detail. In addition, all of the pictures are calibrated with true real-world colour.

All of our scans are kept into universal 3d object formats like OBJ and FBX, which allows them to be used in any application. Real-time formats like GLTF are alose available upon request.

Datasets are collections of 3d scans of the same type. Datasets are scaleable and compatible, as they share the same structure. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All of our scans are legally bound with a model release form, and the documents can be provided upon request with a signed non-disclosure.

As we scan new models constantly, our repository grows considerable. For the most accurate size, please contact us with a specific request, and we will reply promptly.